• The new way to monetize users by paying with computing power.

    Minetize gives desktop apps a new secure, non-intrusive revenue stream. Instantly increase app revenue and improve user experience by removing invasive ads and protecting users’ privacy.

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How Minetize Works

Using Minetize is easy. Simply, integrate our SDK, allow your non-paying users to opt-in and start generating new revenue instantly.

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  • Step 1

    Integrate Our SDK

    Integrate our SDK with your Electron or native Mac or Windows app. Review our documentation to see just how simple it is.

  • Step 2

    Users Opt In

    Invite your target users to opt in, allowing them to use a small amount of their spare CPU/GPU resources for premium or ad-free access to your app.

  • Step 3

    Watch Revenue Roll In

    Each user that opts-in passively generates cryptocurrency revenue that is automatically converted and paid directly to you.

  • Why Use Minetize

    With the Minetize SDK, applications get a new unobtrusive way to generate revenue from existing users. A small portion of their CPU power is used to generate cryptocurrency which is then converted into revenue for the app.

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      Monetize Non-Paying Users

      A new, meaningful revenue channel for your app or supplement existing revenue channels.

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      Reduce Churn

      Recover premium users who stopped their subscription and turn free users into revenue generators.

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      Improve UX

      Remove intrusive ads from your platform and give users the best experience of your product.

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      Minetize doesn't take any user personal data, so users can feel safer using your app.

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How We Compare

  • Paid Ads

    • Negative impact on user experience
    • Low engagement
    • Delayed revenue generation

  • Selling Data
    • User privacy concerns
    • Limited revenue potential
    • Difficult to sell
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    • Non-intrusive user experience
    • Secure platform doesn't take any user data
    • Easy integration and immediate revenue

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  • Easy Tracking & Management

    Track and manage your users’ and revenue through the Minetize dashboard.

    Get reports and analytics on who is opting in and how much users are generating with Minetize. It's easy to get predictable revenue with our dashboard and understand the how your users are converting into revenue generating customers.

Use Cases & Testimonials

Using Minetize is easy. Simply, integrate our SDK, allow your non-paying users to opt-in and start generating new revenue instantly.

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    From the Blog


    MineAMask app uses Minetize Framework to helps supply PPE during COVID-19 crisis.

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Build What Matters

Focus on building the best product and user experience, while Minetize does the rest.

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